The Knit School Timetable

Here are our plans for the next 6 months inside Knit School!

2021 will also include a masterclass in brioche knitting, a cable-knitting miniclass, lots of new core content and patterns and at least three other classes!


Colourwork & Steeking Masterclass, October & November 2020

Both hands and sharp scissors at the ready!  It's time to snip your stitches.

Learn to Knit Masterclass, October & November 2020

After every enrolment we will run our Learn to Knit masterclass for members who want to start at the very beginning!  From slip knot to seaming your first hat, we can't wait to welcome you to the knitting community.


Festive Knit-a-long, December 2020

With a focus on using yarn from gorgeous indie Advent calendars (or stash busting!), select from a set of patterns and knit yourself calm before the holiday season!  All our Knit-a-longs include full pattern walkthroughs and  tutorials for any tricky pattern techniques.

Mini-class: Double-knitting, January 2021

Definitely the technique and not the yarn weight, this mini class will help you ,ake the always right-sided knits of your dreams!


Masterclass: Shortrows, February & March 2021

Following on from our very brief encounter with Short Row shoulders in Finishing school, it's time to really learn the ins and outs of short rows.  We'll cover a number of the different methods so you can choose the one that suits you best and we'll look at how to use short rows in a lot of different projects!

Knit-a-long: Getting ready for Summer, April 2021

Focused on using the techniques we have already covered, this knit-a-long will be focussed on summer suitable knits including a lightweight easy-to-wear t-shirt top!