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Ep 010: My method for dyeing semi-solid yarn!

Updated: May 13

I thought it would be fun to share my method for dye semi-solid yarn and I know it’s a topic that a lot of people are interested in! These are the steps I follow and that I talk about in this episode:

1. Add ties to my skeins to have something to lift them in and out of the water and to precent tangling

2. Soak the skeins overnight in cold water (I do not add citric acid at this point)

3. Add 6 litres of cold water to my big pot

4. Weigh out the amounts of dye powder I need for the batch. Many dyers premix but I don’t because I found that I am inaccurate when I do that.

5. Add hot water to the dye powder

6. Put half of the dye into the pot with the water

7. Take my skeins, squeeze most of the water out of them and then dip them repeatedly in the water and dye mix until I feel like they are evenly coated

8. Put the pot on the gas to come to 96 Celsius. I use a thermometer. Some dyers do not

9. Once it comes to 96 Celsius, I take it off the heat

10. I remove the yarn and then add citric acid to the hot water (carefully)

11. I then put the yarn back in (without adding more dye)

12. I wait until it has absorbed most of the dye that’s left

13. I then remove the yarn and add half of the remaining dye

14. I also manipulate the skeins on the ties to make sure that the inside of the yarn is now on the outside

15. I dip the yarn again and leave it to rest a while

16. I then remove the yarn again and add the last of the dye

17. Again I manipulate the yarn before putting it back in to the dye

18. If I have other colours I am adding, I will remove the yarn, add the dye and continue until it’s all added

19. I then put the yarn back on the heat, bring it to 96 degrees again and then keep it at that temperature until all of the dye has been absorbed

20. Once that is done, I take the yarn off the heat and allow to cool

21. I fill a sink with cold water and wool wash

22. I add the yarn to that and let it sit

23. And then I rinse and repeat until the water runs clear

24. I put the yarn into my White Knight spinner to get the excess water out

25. Hang the yarn to dry

26. Then skein the yarn, band it and get it on the website!

That is quite a whistle stop tour, but dyeing is a vast area! Next week I’ll talk about what you need to gather to dye your first jumper quantity of yarn.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Dyeing to Spin and Knit by Felicia Lo

Available from Weft Blown:


I haven’t shopped with Weft Blown but I really didn’t want to recommend Amazon when I could recommend a smaller shop!

And a dye kit that seems to have many of the things you would need to give this a go at home:


I haven’t used this kit but it looks ace.

And so my dears, that is it for this episode! As always, if you have any questions at all podcast, feel free to get in touch with me, getknitdone [at] knitschool.co.uk or via direct message on the podcast Instagram https://www.instagram.com/getknitdonepodcast/ !

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