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Ep 011: What you need to dye your own sweater quantity of yarn!

Updated: May 13, 2021

In this episode I talk about all the things you'll need to gather together to dye your own sweater quantity of yarn!

So this episode got away from me a little bit! I thought when I sat down to record it that it would, combined with Episode 10, be enough to get you started on your first sweater quantity of yarn but it didn’t quite turn out like that … so there is going to be another episode in this series to take you through the steps for dyeing your own yarn. In that I’ll cover the exact steps you need to follow and the measurements such as weight of dye and the amounts of acid you’ll need as well…

Below is a list of what you’ll need to get started for dyeing an animal fibre yarn base with acid dyes!

1. Yarn to dye (Animal fibre or mostly animal fibre)

a. Undyed or pale yarn in an animal fibre in skeins

2. Dye powder (acid dyes)

a. Jacquard, Dharma, Colourcraft in a fairly small quantity

3. Acid (Citric or vinegar)

4. Heat Source

a. Hob (Gas/electric etc)

b. Microwave

c. Steamer

5. Something to dye in

a. Depending on what you are using! If a hob and dyeing between 400g and 700g of yarn a pot between 12 and 18 litres

6. A Mask

a. To prevent dye powder damaging your lungs! Very important

7. Gloves

a. To prevent stained fingers!

8. Scales for weighing dye or measuring spoons in really small quantities.

a. A scale should start as low as .01g!

9. Stirrer of some kind (old spoons!)

10. Jug/other receptable (!) for mixing your dye and water

a. Preferably something glass or stainless steam that won’t

11. Skein ties

a. Can use cotton but reusable cable ties are really useful

12. Another receptable for soaking your yarn in … but a sink will absolutely do!

If you are planning to dye along and have any questions, the best place to ask is over in the Knit Matters Facebook Group!

Now I am going to go away and record the next episode straightaway and this time not let it get away from me!

Take care lovelies,


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