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Finding time for your knitting

At this time of year, we often see people resolving to find more time for knitting.

This is a great resolution because a) it shouldn’t be that hard to keep to for more than a week (important when choosing resolutions) and b) it is all about finding time for relaxation and pleasure.

How you might find this time, depends on what you think quality knitting time consists of. Some people find a few minutes with their needles out on a bus or in a waiting room profitable while others need a quiet space away from other people to enjoy their craft. Some even set the alarm half an hour early so they can fit in their knitting at the start of the day.

To figure out what is the best knitting time for, think about the reason(s) you knit.

“It gives me time out from everyone/everything”

If you like to knit for its relaxing and meditative benefits, setting aside some time – such as early mornings – that is just for you and your yarn is a good idea. While you might get a chance to knit at other times, this the time you let other people know is your “me time”. Settle into a comfy chair, choose a soundtrack (or silence) and shut the world out for a bit. You’ll be doing yourself more good than just getting a few rows done.

Cat snuggling into a knitted blanket
Find yourself a comfy place to knit

“It stops me fidgeting”, “It distracts me from other things”

If this is the case you may be in the “when I’m sitting, I’m knitting” category. You can turn any down time into knitting time – you are the bus knitters and the waiting room knitters. It isn’t a case of finding time to knit, but rather having a suitable project you can easily pick up or put down. Sock knitting or a hat on circular needles are great projects for you.

Don’t be scared of knitting in public. Occasionally someone might ask you the knit them a sweater or tell you about their granny but mainly they leave you alone. And right now knitting needles may be helpful in maintaining social distancing.

“I’m looking for a challenge”

If you are a challenge knitter, it’s a good idea to plan time to tackle the tricky bits, try a new technique or when you need to be able to count to 423 without being interrupted. The only problem is with a busy life you might not get to the date with your needles you have in your diary for a day or so, which means it is a good idea to have another easier project around to fill in the time.

Of course, for some challenge knitters the issue can be space rather than time. It is tricky to move that colourwork jumper with 15 separate balls of yarn attached.

“I’m not sure why I knit, but I can’t put it down”

With you it is less about finding time to knit, than squeezing in other activities round it.

While you may have plenty of knitting time, are you making the best of it? Knitting in front of the TV, for example, has many plus points as long as you choose the right project. We can tell you from bitter experience that cables and the World Cup Final don’t mix and neither does lacework with high-octane thrillers! Unless off course you don’t mind ripping things out.

Sock knitting with two balls of yarn
Choose a project that works with the knitting time you have available

If you have more than one project on the go you can usually match the right one to the type of knitting time you have available. Of course, we probably are all these types of knitters at one time or another. The most important thing is to choose the knitting time that best suits you and don’t beat yourself up if it is only a small amount of time. Some is better than none and for new knitters that time may grow as you become more confident about what you can manage with the TV on, youngsters or pets running about, etc.

Remember the most important thing – knitting is not a race. Make space for yourself and don’t feel guilty about knitting or not knitting.

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