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Get Knit Done Ep 001: It's your knitting, shownotes

Updated: May 13

I’m very much a knit and let knit kind of person so in this episode of the podcast I talk about how it’s your knitting, not anyone else’s and that why, how and what you knit is entirely up to you and you shouldn’t worry about the meanies!

Why you knit might not be why I knit

Knitting seems to have become the holy grail of mindfulness and wellness and while I think that is really great for some folk, I think it can result in people putting unnecessary pressure on themselves to get something from knitting that might not be there. You may find knitting relaxing and enjoyable but if you prefer to find it tricky and challenging, then that is ok too! Very few other hobbies are under so much pressure!

How I knit might not be how you knit

I get a snit in my snout about experienced knitters making big pronouncements about what is correct and what is not in knitting. There are many different ways to knit a blanket so if you like a particular way of doing something, there isn’t any need to chance because you have had a visit from the knitting police!

What you knit with might be what I knit with, it also might not be

I try to avoid any discussions where there is even a sniff of judgement about what people are knitting with because there is rarely a good outcome and everyone often ends up hurt and many people end up feeling ashamed. If you are knitting with something that makes you happy and gives you joy, then have at it!

With great power, comes some responsibility

You don’t owe anyone anything from your craft except maybe yourself! If you want to learn a technique, you have the ability to go out and learn it. If you want to make a project, you can just get on and do it! Feeling like you are in control of what and how you knit is super empowering, I promise, so stop telling yourself that you can’t!

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