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Get Knit Done Ep 004: Stash Stress

Updated: May 13

A bit like the struggle, stash stress is real. I know it's quite frivolous but I think that that's ok. We all need to talk about more jolly, fun, frivolous things at the moment.

So what is a stash anyway? A stash, short for yarn stash, is a carefully considered and curated collection of a knitter's yarn. Stashes may be of various sizes, from just enough yarn for your current project or vast, multi-room extravaganzas.

People with large stashes may enter a state of SABLE - stash acquired beyond life-expectancy. Should you find yourself in this situation, do make sure you have plans for your post-you stash distribution. There is a very accurate meme that says 'don't let them sell it for what I told them I paid for it'!

For me stash stress isn't currently related to the size of my stash, rather my inability to knit with all the yarns that I really want to knit with. I have come to a different point, I am stash-acquired-beyond-ability-to-think-rationally-about-it-and-therefore-a-day-may-come-when-I-just-cast-it-all-on-together-which-would-result-in-the-universe-folding-in-on-me ... SABATTRAIATADMCWIJCIAOTWWRITUFIOM... I don't think that's going to catch on as a knitting term!

And so it's time for me to take my 6 steps to stash (stress) management!

  1. Gather all of your stash together (or a manageable amount if you have a multi-location extravaganza)

  2. Separate the yarn into two sets - those which are earmarked for projects and those which are not. Put all earmarked yarn into project bags (I have a hunch that like me you may have a few)

  3. Of the remaining yarn, pick out all of the sock yarns that are destined to become socks. Store all your sock yarns together in a place of great pride (you are a sock knitter after all!)

  4. Of the remaining yarn it is then time to pick out any yarn that gives you a sense of dread, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, uneasiness etc. That yarn is going to be donated, sold or otherwise moved on. This is a very strict step

  5. Decide how you will categorise all the yarn that is not earmarked, not sock yarn and not about to leave. There are lots of options for this so choose wisely. It can be adjusted at a later date

  6. Pack all of your yarn up safely and securely to protect is from our winged 'friend' (mortal enemy), the moth!

And the bonus step ... move on the no longer required yarn asap or it will just migrate back into your stash!

Now I best go and follow my own advice! From Feb 19th to Feb 21st we are having a Bring & Buy in the Facebook Group and I believe I have a few candidates that need new homes!

In the next episode, I’ll be talking about working out where you are as a knitter and where it might be useful for you to go next on your knitting journey!

Don't forget about the ‘Listeners Questions’ segment in the podcast! I would love to hear from anyone who has any knitting questions that they would like to get answered in a future episode. If you have any questions, just email me at getknitdone [at] knitschool.co.uk and I’ll get your question added to the list so when we start doing that segment, I’ll do my best to answer your question!

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