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Get Knit Done Ep 006: Starting with Socks, part 1

Updated: May 13

First, a big congratulations to Karen who won our launch prize! 6 months of Knit School membership is on its way to you shortly! Don’t worry if you are not a member however as I will be opening Knit School to new members in April!

I am very excited to be talking about socks in this episode of the podcast because they are my desert island knitting project … and practically perfect in everyway! I’m going to cover them in two episodes because there is no need to rush something so fab!

In this episode I talk about sock yarns, sock needles, swatching, blocking and in next the next episode I will be talking about the steps in knitting a pair of socks from the cuff down. In that episode I am also going to talk about the potential sock yarns that I am going to be testing … which I said at the start of this episode I would cover but it then went completely out of my head!

I’ll be relaunching my Sock Challenge (which I might have to call Sock Bootcamp (hhmm)) shortly where you can learn to knit socks in just 7 days and hopefully finish your first pair in a fortnight! More about that next week when I have a more definite set of dates!

So for now, come join me on the sock side!

Take care lovelies,


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