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Get Knit Done Ep 008: 7 Tips for finishing your knits

Updated: May 13, 2021

So I wasn’t really sure what I was going to include in this week’s episode but I have been thinking about which masterclass I would recommend most in Knit School and as it’s Finishing School, I thought I’d share some tips from that class with you all this week. I won’t lie, I am gearing up to reopen Knit School so it is definitely at the front of my mind!

Finishing your knits is the very broad term for any of the non-knitting things you do when making a knitted garment or item or at least that is how I think of it. I’m sure there is a very specific definition but that’s how I think of it.

My top 7 tips are:

1. Pick the right size (don’t worry, it’s not quite that obvious)

2. Treat your swatch the way you will treat the garment

3. Measure as you go

4. There are no prizes for not using stitch markers and lifelines

5. Just because the pattern says one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t do another

6. Don’t guess how big things are

7. Mattress stitch, if you can’t already, learn

And a little extra one, there are different ways for weaving in ends and knowing which works for you will help you actually finish! : )

I am planning a webinar to share some of these, and a few other techniques, as a build-up to Knit School. People on the podcast mailing list will be the first to hear when that becomes available to sign-up for.

A little note about the Sock Challenge which I mentioned in last week’s episode. It will now open for sign-ups next Monday and start on April 12th! I wasn’t giving anyone enough time to get ready, including myself!

I’m moving the podcast to being every fortnight from now on, mostly to give you all a bit of breathing space from me but also so you don’t miss out on the great blog posts that get added to the Knit School blog every other fortnight! I *might* narrate those if anyone would like but I might post that audio separately! : )

As always, if you have any questions at all about socks or anything else in the podcast, feel free to get in touch with me, getknitdone [at] knitschool.co.uk or via direct message on the podcast Instagram https://www.instagram.com/getknitdonepodcast/ !

Take care lovelies,


Take care lovelies,


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