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Our Founding Member Launch

The original plan for Knit School was to launch in September 2020 to start the first masterclass on the 1st of October. That plan was based on show dates, our 10th wedding anniversary and all sorts of other factors. I think it’s safe to say that that straightforward plan went out the window rather quickly in February.

At the start of lockdown, like many people, it took me quite a while to get my bearings (well, at least some of them, who really has all their bearings at the moment). I did a lot of tidying, even starting a scrap yarn blanket to eat up all of my yarn ends, and I fiddled around the edges of the business at things I could control. I didn't make any bread but that was because the only yeast in the house had a best before date of 2015!

Knitting, the awesome women in the TLYC facebook group, the virtual knit and natters and the lovely notes from customers are what settled me (not forgetting Simon and the cats of course, the latter who got more bimbling than they felt appropriate). It was that reminder of how important knitting and the community around it are to me that focused me on moving the Knit School launch! Also, being candid, the need to bridge the financial & time gap created by show cancellations. Nature and small business apparently hate a vacuum!

Many lists have been created to create Knit School! : )

Moving the launch from September to June meant that I would not have as much time to create all of the starting content that I wanted to and so the idea of a Founding Member launch came together. I have to say, the Founding Member concept is definitely a bit of a marketing buzz term but once you peel off the slightly icky advertising feel from it, it's a sound idea. It is a way of saying ‘Join me at the start of this journey, help me shape it and in return, here are some lovely things while the ink dries on the pattern templates’. Of course, membership sites are never really finished, because of the nature of memberships, but it is nice to have some extras or discounts to say thank you to people who trust you from the outset.

You can find all the details of the Founding Member launch here and join the mailing list to get an Invite when we open for enrolment. We will be open for Founding Members to join between May 25th and May 30th, after which we will have a live kick off session on June 1st and then the first masterclass will start on June 2nd. Once enrolment closes, we won't open for enrolment again until the end of September 2020.

If you have any questions at all, just drop me an email (michelle[at]tlycknitschool.co.uk).

Today we are shooting the videos for our Welcome to Knit School class! Keep your fingers crossed for good light and tidy hair!

Michelle x

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