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Why Knit School?

I find it really easy to describe the plans for Knit School because I have spent a lot of time over the last year making lists of master / mini course options, picking & drafting patterns that will work with those courses, thinking about what to offer as extras and even who I’d like to be involved when it gets off the ground. However, it’s trickier to describe the why of Knit School.

Part of the reason it’s tricky is because when I started The Loveliest Yarn Company almost four years ago, I never planned to go to 15 yarn shows a year, I definitely didn’t see myself becoming a dyer and I did not realise how much I would love helping people with their knitting! Of course that’s the beauty of small business, it becomes what it’s supposed to and it has definitely taken me to places I never dreamed of.

The idea for Knit School came to me slowly, mostly at yarn shows. I found myself answering more and more questions about knitting and, in order to do that, researching all types of answers and techniques. My most popular blog post, on The Loveliest Yarn Company site, continues to be ‘How to knit Latvian mittens’, a post I still get emails about even though the post must be over two years old. I spend a lot of time at shows talking about heel turning and swatching, blocking and picking up stitches. Encouraging so many knitters to just try something that they want to but feel they can’t. I have spoken to knitters wearing the most ornate colourwork sweaters that they have made themselves who say they can’t join in the round.

Blocking! A subject I talk about almost as much as socks

It is those experiences that put the idea into my head. People want the confidence to try things and they want to learn but what is out there is not suitable for everyone. At the start I thought Knit School would be a series of online courses that people could buy but even more conversations told me that that wasn’t quite the right answer, afterall those courses exist already and yet they aren't working for everyone.

Then, towards the middle of last year, I was listening to a podcast (while reskeining yarn of course) and there was a woman talking about membership sites and there it was! A way of teaching people what they wanted to know, in a space where they had time not only to learn but also the encouragement to try and to ask questions when they weren’t able to, all at a pace that didn’t feel rushed. It was in that moment that Knit School went from being an idea I kept poking at to see how I’d make it work, into something that felt possible and right.

I wanted to launch it last year but with the Banshee Yarns launch and TLYC getting busier (as well as being accepted for more shows than I thought I would be), I parked Knit School for a little while.

I sat down in January of this year and put together the website content creation plans, a full project plan and all the bits, all based around being at shows in September to promote it for an October launch and then fast forward to March this year and the whole world, for all of us, flipped upside down.

It was in that flipping that Knit School made even more sense. Not in ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ because there is no silver lining on a global event that has caused the deaths of so many, but because it highlighted for me the importance of the knitting community to me. I found so much comfort in knitting and in the people I have met through it during this time that I want to be part of making it better and of spreading it to more people. That might seem like notions but it is genuinely how I feel.

Simply, I want to help people get as much from their knitting as I do, to believe that they absolutely can learn new things and they can do it in a warm, cosy community at their own pace! A lot of rambling was what is quite simple.

Sneak Peek of a pattern coming up in Knit School!

You can read about the plans for Knit School here in the About page and also join the Waiting list for the Founding Member Launch. Next week I'll share the full details of the Founding Member Launch which I am really excited about!

Now, enough rambling. There is a Finishing Course to finish.

Michelle x

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